Key Stage One

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage One

Number Splits

Record how to partition different two digit numbers into matching tens and ones using concrete equipment and diagrams


Identify, describe and record the sequence of narrative events and special themes in the story from the Bible about Noah

Mystery Pets

Write and edit poems about animals using patterned language, practise spelling words with the /s/ sound spelt c and write expanded noun phrases


Select and record information about the likes and dislikes of different pupils in the class

Class Cupboard

Identify and describe the location of different tools and equipment around the classroom

Happy Classroom

Discuss and record different ways to behave and work in the classroom to maximise learning potential and support other pupils

Biggest Number

Compare and record the value of pairs of numbers to twenty using tens and ones

Farm Sounds

Select and practise different ways of playing percussion instruments to represent some of the sounds that could be heard on a farm

Family Shopping

Produce labels that families might see whilst out shopping, identify words with the vowel digraphs ay and oy and practise writing words leaving the correct spaces

Tens and Ones

Identify and record the place value of the numerical digits in different two digit numbers

Farm Labels

Practise and develop word processing skills to utilise when labelling and organising different objects related to farms and farming

Wild Pets

Investigate words used to describe animals in poems with patterned language, explore words with gn, kn and wr initial spellings and select vocabulary for expanded noun phrases