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Physical Education Teaching Resources

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in physical education for Key Stage Two covering invading and defending games, net and wall sports, gymnastics and dance

Schemes of Work

Lesson planning to develop and refine physical education skills by participating in a range of different sports and games

Team Games

Compete in a range of sports and games to practise invading and defending skills as part of a competitive team

  • Pinhole Camera
    Devise and build a model of a pinhole camera to demonstrate how light travels in straight lines
  • Light Rays
    Investigate and illustrate different ways of demonstrating how light travels in straight lines
  • The Eye
    Research answers to quiz questions to explain facts and information about how the eye works
  • Class Light Quiz
    Identify and record a range of different true and false statements about how light is produced and travels