Key Stage One

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage One


Research and present information about forms of transport, complete sentences using there and their and use the conjunctions and and or to link sentence clauses

Family Sentences

Select and add a range of cvc words to complete different sentences about family life

Word Guess Initial Sounds

Play games to practise identifying and spelling a range of cvc words that begin with different letters of the alphabet

Number Links

Use digits and symbols to make equations for numbers greater than and less than numbers to ten

Castle Life

Identify, describe and record some of the different ways that castles were built and inhabited by different groups of people in the past

Family Outings

Explore poems about different places that families could visit on an outing, practise spelling words with the vowel digraphs air and ear and join sentences using the conjunction and

Christian Prayers

Investigate and record how Christians can illustrate and demonstrate their faith and beliefs through a range of different prayers

School Hopes

Compose a postcard to a new teacher outlining different hopes and aspirations for the new school year

Summer News

Select, describe and record some of the different activities that were completed and enjoyed by the class during the summer holidays

Class Questions

Select and use questions to interview different pupils in the class at the start of the school year

Class Lists

Practise using the conjunction and to link clauses in sentences listing objects to match different lessons

Number Lists

Record sets of numbers that are greater than and less than other two digit numbers using the correct symbols