Key Stage One

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage One

Dribbling Skills

Refine and improve some of the different actions that are needed to control a ball as part of a team game

Shooting and Scoring

Develop and refine different ways of shooting at a target during a game of football

Passing and Receiving

Explore how to move and pass a large ball to other players during a team game of football

Ball Movements

Practise and develop the skills needed to move a large ball during a team game of football

Shells and Pebbles

Use rounding and compensation to add near multiples of ten with two digit numbers

Party Shopping

Solve multiplication number problems using facts in the five multiplication table to calculate items needed for a family party

Number Order

Identify, describe and record the order and sequence of all of the numbers to ten shown using words and digits and for ordinal numbers

Number Places

Play a game to identify and record the order of numbers to ten shown in both words and digits

Number Groups

Use concrete objects and diagrams to build sections of different number lines to ten

Sentence Words

Practise using ordinal numbers to record words that can be found in different sentences in a book

Match Goals

Identify and match numbers of goals scored in different games to ten into order from lowest to highest

Classroom Numbers

Count and order quantities of objects used in the classroom to ten and record the matching numbers in words