Class Management

Discover class management templates, posters and activities to manage and organise a primary classroom to promote independent learning and support pupil progress

Class Marking

Use classroom marking to support assessment and progress of pupil development in different curriculum subjects and skills

Classroom Exits

Manage and organise an orderly exit from the classroom for different times and routines as part of the school day


Templates to indicate feelings and emotions on thermometer shapes about different events and experiences in the classroom

Classroom Music

Use different pieces and styles of music to harmonise and develop learning and organisation in the classroom

Table Signals

Signal and indicate when teacher support is needed in the classroom by displaying colours, words and pictures on table top support cards

Classroom Traffic Lights

Display posters and cards to control the level of working noise in the classroom using colours based on traffic lights

Classroom Passes

Organise and manage the movement of pupils to different areas and locations in the school

Star Pupil

Reward individual children for their work, effort and behaviour in the classroom by selecting pupils for a special weekly award

Marble Jar

create a behaviour management and work reward system for the whole class or individual children

Class Teams

Create a behaviour management and work reward system for use in the classroom

First Day

Achieve a successful and less stressful start to the new school year by utilising a range of class management strategies and techniques