Foundation Stage

New schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching packs and interactive activities to support your classroom teaching


Identify and describe some of the different journeys that can be made by bus, train or plane

Easter Decorations

Shape and combine a range of different materials to make decorations for a class or family Easter party

Crawling Caterpillars

Investigate the use of patterned language used to sequence events in a story and learn the names and sounds for each letter of the alphabet

Easter Snacks

Practise using different materials and shapes to make a range of Easter themed snacks for a class party

Cubes and Cuboids

Identify and record examples of cube and cuboid shapes that can be found in a range of locations around the school

Story Sequencing

Sequence and record activities to describe family visits to different locations as preparation for a narrative writing lesson

Spring Flowers

Identify, describe and print patterns and shapes to reflect flowers that can grow in family gardens during the spring

Spring Farming

Identify and describe some of the changes to farm animals that occur during the spring and jobs performed by the farmer during this season of the year

Animal Measurements

Identify and match sets of statements to describe the height, mass, size and length of different animals