Foundation Stage

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for the Foundation Stage

Final Sounds Match

Identify, record and match the spelling and meaning of different words that end in the same final phoneme sound


Practise counting and labelling sets of different objects by writing and matching the numerals for numbers to five


Count, record and compare sets of different objects to ten and identify the matching numbers using numerals

Story Sequencing

Sequence and record activities to describe family visits to different locations as preparation for a narrative writing lesson

Star Pupil

Reward individual children for their work, effort and behaviour in the classroom

Water At Home

Investigate sources and uses of water at home by families to understand its importance in the world

Enormous Turnip

Use a narrative story to identify ways to support other people at home and in school

Story Scenes

Discuss and role-play events from traditional stories and suggest character dialogue about what might happen

Animal Measurements

Identify and match sets of statements to describe the height, mass, size and length of different animals


Discuss how farmers collect the harvest in the autumn and explore how the harvest can be celebrated in churches using prayers and decorations

Word Guess Initial Sounds

Play games to practise identifying and spelling a range of cvc words that begin with different letters of the alphabet

School Friends

Discuss and learn classroom routines and organisation by exploring and describing information and likes and dislikes about each of their classmates