Key Stage One : Art and Design

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in art and design for Key Stage One covering sketching and drawing, painting techniques, use of colour shades, sculpture models, shape printing and artwork by significant artists.

Garden Flowers

Develop and refine skills in representing different types of flowers grown in a garden by using a range of painting techniques

Recommended for Years One and Two

Easter Decorations

Shape and combine a range of different materials to make decorations for a class or family Easter party

Recommended for Years One and Two

Royal Party

Develop and refine techniques in art and design to combine and shape materials when making decorations and souvenirs to celebrate a special occasion in the Royal family

Recommended for Years One and Two

Fish Sculpture

Select, combine and shape different materials to design and produce layered sculptures representing a range of fish that live in the sea

Recommended for Years One and Two

Sea Collage

Combine and shape a selection of different natural and art materials to produce artwork reflecting ideas and themes about the sea

Recommended for Years One and Two

Farm Prints

Practise and demonstrate different techniques when printing a range of shapes and patterns that can reflect themes and ideas related to farming

Recommended for Years One and Two

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  • Sandwiches
    Select and prepare a range of different foods to use when making a sandwich for a picnic
  • Clock Times
    Identify, record and compare times on analogue clock faces using a selection of time intervals for hours and minutes
  • Travel Trips
    Practise linking sentence clauses about different ways to travel and forms of transport using the conjunctions and and or
  • Changing World
    Identify and describe some of the changes to the natural world that can occur during the four seasons of the year