Foundation Stage Assemblies

Assembly plans, teaching activities, shared reading texts and interactive presentations to lead whole school, year group or class assemblies for the Foundation Stage covering stories from the Bible, special festivals and celebrations and developing religious and spiritual understanding

Class Assembly

Hold an assembly in the classroom on different themes, topics and stories to support spiritual and emotional development

Welcoming Jesus

Reflect on the influence that Jesus had on his followers in the lead up to Easter when he arrived in Jerusalem


Identify and describe how Christians prepare for Easter by following the actions of Jesus when he was tempted in the desert

Loving Others

Discuss ideas about how to show love and caring for others at school and home

Good or Bad

Select and evaluate good and bad choices that could be followed during the New Year at school and home

Working Together

Reflect and illustrate the common theme of working together and supporting others by reading and discussing a traditional story

Enormous Turnip

Use a narrative story to identify ways to support other people at home and in school


Suggest and describe how to care for and support friends whilst at school

Autumn Changes

Discuss how elements of the natural world make preparations for the winter during the autumn