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Class Management

Discover class management templates, posters and activities to manage and organise a primary classroom to promote independent learning and support pupil progress

  • Class Marking

    Class Marking

    Use classroom marking to support assessment and progress of pupil development in different curriculum subjects and skills

  • Classroom Exits

    Classroom Exits

    Manage and organise an orderly exit from the classroom for different times and routines as part of the school day

  • Thermometers


    Templates to indicate feelings and emotions on thermometer shapes about different events and experiences in the classroom

  • Classroom Music

    Classroom Music

    Use different pieces and styles of music to harmonise and develop learning and organisation in the classroom

  • Table Signals

    Table Signals

    Signal and indicate when teacher support is needed in the classroom by displaying colours, words and pictures on table top support cards

  • Classroom Traffic Lights

    Classroom Traffic Lights

    Display posters and cards to control the level of working noise in the classroom using colours based on traffic lights

  • Classroom Passes

    Classroom Passes

    Organise and manage the movement of pupils to different areas and locations in the school

  • Star Pupil

    Star Pupil

    Reward individual children for their work, effort and behaviour in the classroom by selecting pupils for a special weekly award

  • Marble Jar

    Marble Jar

    create a behaviour management and work reward system for the whole class or individual children

  • Class Teams

    Class Teams

    Create a behaviour management and work reward system for use in the classroom

  • Surviving Wet Playtimes

    Surviving Wet Playtimes

    Keep the class happy and unstressed when stuck in the classroom on days with wet playtimes

  • First Day

    First Day

    Achieve a successful and less stressful start to the new school year by utilising a range of class management strategies and techniques

  • Fence Complaint

    Fence Complaint

    Select and use examples of formal language to respond to a complaint about a garden fence

  • Wedding Speeches

    Wedding Speeches

    Devise and record sentences using formal and informal language for use within speeches at a wedding

  • Seaside Sculpture

    Seaside Sculpture

    Select and use a range of different natural materials found on a beach to produce some model sculptures on the theme of the seaside

  • Sculpture Review

    Sculpture Review

    Suggest additions and improvements to a seaside sculpture produced using different beach materials