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Numeracy Term One Planning

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in numeracy for Reception aged children in the Foundation Stage covering counting and numbers to ten, finding one more and one less, identifying shapes, using non-standard measurements, working with money and presenting data using pictograms

Unit A : Counting

Count, record and compare sets of different objects to ten and identify the matching numbers using numerals

Unit B : Numbers

Practise counting and labelling sets of different objects by writing and matching the numerals for each of the numbers to five

Unit C : One More

Count and record numbers of different objects that are one more than numbers to ten by using objects around the school and in the local area

Unit D : One Less

Identify and record counted sets of objects that are one less than different numbers to ten on the theme of farms and farming

Unit E : Shapes

Identify, describe and compare different 2D shapes by their individual shape properties including numbers of sides and corners

  • Gingerbread Man

    Gingerbread Man

    Investigate and describe some of the different characters, settings and plot events that feature in a traditional story

  • Story Telling

    Story Telling

    Change and perform parts of a traditional story adding new characters to the narrative events

  • Story Puppets

    Story Puppets

    Re-tell part of a traditional story by using puppets to support dialogue of the characters

  • Supermarket


    Identify, describe and compare the range of products that can be sold in a supermarket and role-play buying and paying for shopping lists