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Literacy Term Two Planning

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in literacy for Reception aged children in the Foundation Stage

Unit One : Nursery Rhymes

Investigate the use of patterned language and rhyming in traditional nursery rhymes and practise segmenting words into individual phonemes by reading and adapting poetry

Unit Two : Billy Goats Gruff

Explore the characters in a traditional story using reading and role-play to sequence and adapt the narrative and practise segmenting and blending phonemes in cvc words

  • Family Jobs
    Identify and describe the range of roles and responsibilities for different members of a family
  • Family Recipe
    Identify, describe and record the similarities and differences that can be found between a range of family groups
  • Helping Others
    Identify and record different ways of helping and supporting other pupils in the school
  • Flowers and Trees
    Complete diagrams of different flowers and trees to record matching halves of a range of shapes