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Measurement Teaching Resources

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in numeracy measurement for Reception aged children in the Foundation Stage


Practise different ways of measuring lengths and heights using non-standard and standard units of measurement


Use the correct vocabulary and non-standard units to measure and compare the mass of objects


Explore and record how to read and write a range of times using analogue and digital clock faces to match different activities

  • Butterflies
    Investigate, describe and compare some of the different butterflies that can be found living in the school grounds
  • Caterpillars
    Produce a model of a mini-beast to explore some of the different creatures that live in the school grounds
  • What Butterfly
    Identify and describe the similarities and differences that can be seen between different species of butterfly
  • Seaside Subtraction
    Calculate and record the difference between pairs of numbers to ten by counting back to show numbers of items sold in a shop at the seaside