Key Stage One

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage One


Select and prepare a range of different foods to use when making a sandwich for a picnic

Clock Times

Identify, record and compare times on analogue clock faces using a selection of time intervals for hours and minutes

Travel Trips

Practise linking sentence clauses about different ways to travel and forms of transport using the conjunctions and and or

Changing World

Identify and describe some of the changes to the natural world that can occur during the four seasons of the year

Garden Flowers

Develop and refine skills in representing different types of flowers grown in a garden by using a range of painting techniques

Marble Jar

Create a behaviour management and work reward system for the whole class or individual children

Family Visits

Read and write personal recounts of family visits to a range of different locations and attractions

Fraction Halves

Identify and record how to divide different objects, shapes and numbers to twenty into two equal halves

Frog Prince

Read and answer a range of comprehension questions about the content of a traditional story

Alphabet Order

Select and identify the correct letters that can be used to complete different sections of the alphabet using diagrams and activity cards

Number Order

Identify and record the sequence of two digit numbers by the place value of their numerical digits when representing their order using concrete equipment and diagrams

Sea Harvest

Investigate how people can harvest and utilise different materials from the sea to use for a range of purposes and functions