Key Stage One

New schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching packs and interactive activities to support your classroom teaching

Flower Gallery

Record, edit and label digital images of different flowers and plants found around the school grounds

Easter Decorations

Shape and combine a range of different materials to make decorations for a class or family Easter party

Fantastic Foxes

Read and respond to a story by a significant author, investigate spellings of words with dge endings and use apostrophes for contractions

Easter Garden

Select and use descriptive vocabulary to write a poem describing different things that can be seen in a family garden at Easter

Large Ball Skills

Develop, practise and refine a range of different skills to move, pass and target goals when playing team games using large balls

Cubes and Cuboids

Identify and record examples of cube and cuboid shapes that can be found in a range of locations around the school

Family Shopping

Record the prices of different items that could be bought when shopping and calculate the amount of change received

Story Sequencing

Sequence and record activities to describe family visits to different locations as preparation for a narrative writing lesson

Travel Trips

Practise linking a range of sentence clauses about different ways to travel and forms of transport using the conjunctions and and or