Key Stage Two Assemblies

Assembly plans, teaching activities, shared reading texts and interactive presentations to lead whole school, year group or class assemblies for Key Stage Two covering stories from the Bible, special festivals and celebrations and developing religious and spiritual understanding


Identify and describe how the Bible teaches Christians how to deal with conflict in different communities

Class Assembly

Hold an assembly in the classroom on different themes, topics and stories to support spiritual and emotional development

Christian Love

Discuss how and why Jesus taught and spoke about the theme of love towards others in the Bible

Mother Nature

Explore how planet Earth depicted as Mother Nature can have a creative and destructive impact on the world


Describe some of the special ways of supporting families seeking refuge in other places in the world


Discuss different ways to show trust in other people through a story from the Bible


Identify and illustrate the meaning of proverbs that feature in different books from the Bible

Money Money

Reflect on some of the different benefits and disadvantages that can be had when distributing and hoarding money

Future Changes

Discuss and reflect on ways to deal and respond to unexpected events in the future

Christmas Preparations

Explore some of the preparations that were made for the birth of Jesus by different people connected to the nativity story

Power of Language

Discuss and explain how to use a range of words to convey different emotions and moods about activities and experiences

Lost Son

Discuss the meaning of a parable from the Bible told by Jesus about forgiving others