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Religious Education Teaching Resources

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in religious education in Key Stage One covering retelling stories from the Bible, illustrating faiths and beliefs of different religious communities and exploring religious celebrations and festivals

Schemes of Work

Lesson planning to develop and refine religious education skills when retelling Bible stories, illustrating faiths and beliefs of communities and exploring celebrations and festivals

Bible Stories

Investigate some of the special lessons and morals that were taught to Christians through different stories in the Bible


Read and compose a range of prayers to communicate ideas about different themes and special celebrations

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
    Read and answer different comprehension questions based on the content and structure of a traditional story
  • Ship Sounds
    Select, compose and play different sounds using high and low pitches made by ships and boats when at sea and in harbours
  • Harbour Sounds
    Explore and illustrate different ways of playing percussion instruments to alter their pitch to show sounds that might be heard in a harbour
  • Ship’s Horn
    Explore and record different ways of playing musical instruments to alter the pitch of a sound representing a ship’s horn