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  • Christmas Baubles
    Select and shape a range of materials to produce different ornaments to display on a family Christmas tree
  • Nativity Play
    Organise and rehearse a performance of the nativity story from the Bible for a special Christmas assembly
  • Whole Class Guided Reading
    Develop and promote literacy skills when reading texts with the whole class using a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres
  • Classroom Music
    Use different pieces and styles of music to harmonise and develop learning and organisation in the classroom

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  • Christmas Carols
    Write new verses for a Christmas carol by editing traditional songs and choruses
  • Christmas Jingles
    Select and use homophones and persuasive language to devise adverts that can be used to sell different Christmas presents
  • Toy Shop
    Select special language and sentence structures to design and write a persuasive advert to sell different toys at Christmas
  • Christmas Deliveries
    Plan and write recounts to describe how different characters might deliver presents at Christmas
  • Snowman
    Select synonyms for different vocabulary words that can be used to describe a snowman in a poem
  • Christmas Alphabet
    Select a range of different presents to fill a Christmas stocking to match each letter of the alphabet
  • Snowflake Cards
    Select and print patterns of different shapes to decorate the front of festive Christmas cards
  • Christmas Card Halves
    Select and use halves of different shapes to make fa range of festive Christmas cards
  • Presents Lists
    Identify and compile lists of presents wished by different family members for Christmas
  • Santa’s Lists
    Identify and compile lists of objects needed by Santa for his journey on Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Trees
    Select and combine different 2D shapes and materials to make a Christmas table decoration
  • Snowman Shapes
    Select and use 3D shapes and different materials to design and make Christmas decorative characters