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  • Outdoor Maths
    Practise and refine number, geometry, measurement and statistics skills in maths when working outside of the classroom
  • Total Eclipse
    Use a total eclipse of the Sun to develop understanding about light and shadow and the Earth’s position in space
  • Garden Measurements
    Measure, compare and convert different lengths, masses and capacities found around the school grounds
  • Classroom Exits
    Manage and organise an orderly exit from the classroom for different times and routines as part of the school day

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  • Lengths, Masses and Capacities
    Solve a selection of contextual problems by comparing and converting between different units of measurement for mass, length and capacity
  • Fruit Cocktails
    Convert capacities between litres and millilitres when mixing ingredients for different drinks
  • Changing Lengths
    Measure different lengths around the school and convert between metres, centimetres and millimetres
  • Soup Shopping
    Convert measurements between grams and kilograms to calculate prices of foods needed for different recipes
  • Family Times
    Identify, calculate and record the start and finish times and durations of different family events and experiences using analogue and digital clocks
  • Running Times
    alculate the duration of different sporting events by counting in intervals of five minutes
  • Family Timetables
    Select and record start and finish times and durations of different family events and experiences
  • Bus Times
    Calculate and record the duration of different bus journeys using times to five minutes
  • Seaside Subtraction
    Calculate and record the difference between pairs of numbers to ten by counting back to show numbers of items sold in a shop at the seaside
  • Buckets and Spades
    Use counting on and back to identify pairs of numbers that sum to ten to show buckets and spades sold in a shop
  • Seaside Rock
    Practise counting on and back to subtract pairs of single digit numbers from ten to show pieces of rock sold in a seaside shop
  • Counting Stock
    Use counting back to calculate the difference between pairs of numbers to show things sold in a seaside shop