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Information about the team behind Clickprimary

Clickprimary is an independent publishing company for primary education based on the border between England and Wales. Our team has been working in primary schools for over thirty years. When we are not creating exciting teaching resources we support a local primary school where we test and develop our schemes of work and lesson plans

All of the teaching materials available on Clickprimary have been developed and written by qualified teachers who specialise in primary education. We believe teachers are the best people to create stimulating and engaging teaching resources and activities to meet the demands of the modern curriculum. Clickprimary is dedicated to supporting the busy primary classroom teacher in their daily work. Our team works hard to create teaching opportunities that allow the children to develop their knowledge and skills and enrich learning.

We thrive on feedback from the teachers who use our resources in their own classroom. Working together we can produce teaching resources that can stimulate the children’s natural learning curiosity.

If you have any suggestions about how our resources can be improved or ideas for new teaching activities please contact us. We’d love to talk to you about teaching and how we can support your work in the classroom.