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Spoken Language

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop abilities in literacy for the Foundation Stage to teach about using speaking and listening skills

  • Story Plays

    Story Plays

    Develop and strengthen drama and oral skills by performing plays to illustrate the narrative sequence in favourite stories

  • Fairy Tale Puppets

    Fairy Tale Puppets

    Select and role-play dialogue to use with puppets to illustrate some of the events that happened in a fairy tale

  • Story Plays

    Story Plays

    Select and role-play alternative versions of a traditional story to show changes to the narrative elements

  • Story Voices

    Story Voices

    Select dialogue and voices to represent some of the different characters that feature in a traditional story

  • Changing Voices

    Changing Voices

    Practise speaking lines of dialogue that could happen in a family using a range of different voice expressions

  • Supermarket Bingo

    Supermarket Bingo

    Play a listening game to recognise different items that can be found on a supermarket shopping list

  • Fairy Tales

    Fairy Tales

    Predict and role-play different narrative scenes from a range of traditional stories

  • Story Scenes

    Story Scenes

    Use drama and role-play to illustrate and record story events and dialogue in a traditional story

  • Story Telling

    Story Telling

    Record an alternative version of a traditional story using words and pictures in a storyboard

  • Story Plays

    Story Plays

    Use a range of puppet characters to sequence and retell some of the events that can happen in different traditional stories

  • School Visitors

    School Visitors

    Role play events and activities that might happen in a school and identify initial sounds of matching cvc words

  • Family Pets

    Family Pets

    Identify and describe responsibilities when feeding, cleaning and exercising different pets

  • Good Neighbours

    Good Neighbours

    Identify and explain how to be a good neighbour by supporting and caring for others in their lives

  • Triangle Halves

    Triangle Halves

    Identify and record how to divide different sized triangles into pairs of equal halves

  • Circle Halves

    Circle Halves

    Identify and record how to divide different sized circle shapes into pairs of matching equal halves