Key Stage Two

New schemes of work, lesson plans, teaching packs and interactive activities to support your classroom teaching

Weather Station

Select materials and techniques to utilise when designing and making instruments to measure the local weather

Easter Decorations

Shape and combine a range of different materials to make decorations for a class or family Easter party

School Issues

Read and respond to a story about school and friendship, add suffixes to word roots and use conjunctions to link sentence clauses

Easter Eggs

Select and use descriptive vocabulary to create a shape poem describing different types of eggs given for Easter


Practise and develop the range of skills needed to pass, dribble and shoot a basketball as part of a team game

Shape Angles

Identify, classify, measure and calculate angles that form the properties of different 2D shapes

Sentence Extensions

Practise using commas to add relative clauses to sentences extracted from classic works of fiction

Rain Rhythms

Practise composing and performing four beat rhythm patterns to reflect ideas and expressions illustrating the weather

Subtract Ones Tens Hundreds

Practise subtracting numbers of one, tens and hundreds from different three digit numbers using mental calculation strategies