Key Stage Two

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage Two

Lost Son

Discuss the meaning of a parable from the Bible told by Jesus about forgiving others and reflect on how to solve dilemmas in families

Jungle Book

Read and answer comprehension questions using an extract from a story by a significant author

Roman Invasion

Investigate some of the reasons for the growth of the Roman Empire in the past and how and why the Romans invaded ancient Britain

Comparing Fractions

Identify and record how to compare and order different unit and non-unit fractions by the values of their numerators and denominators


Research and present benefits and disadvantages that can be produced when recycling different materials at home and in school

Pounds and Pence

Estimate, compare, convert and round a range of different money amounts working in pounds and pence

Sentence Extensions

Practise using commas to add a range of relative clauses to different sentences extracted from classic works of fiction

Autumn Harvest

Explain how to follow the example of farmers during the autumn by harvesting skills and knowledge to share with others

Class Teams

Create a behaviour management and work reward system for use in the classroom

Weather Forecasts

Identify, describe and compare the effect of different types of weather on a range of locations in the world

Recipe Instructions

Practise reading and writing different sets of instructions written as recipes to prepare a selection of food snacks and family meals

Equivalent Fractions

Practise using diagrams to model, compare and record examples of matching equivalent fractions for different unit and non-unit fractions