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Literacy Term One Planning

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in literacy for Reception aged children in the Foundation Stage covering stories with familiar settings, traditional tales and poems, producing labels and lists for different topics and recount writing

Unit One : School Stories

Read and respond to a story with a familiar setting and identify initial phonemes in different words based on When an Elephant Comes to School by Jan Ormerod

Unit Two : Once Upon A Time

Role-play different traditional stories using drama and speaking and listening skills and match initial phonemes in cvc words to letters of the alphabet

Unit Three : Hansel and Gretel

Investigate some of the different characters, settings and plot events used to tell a traditional story and identify letters that match initial sounds of words

Unit Four : Owl and the Pussycat

Explore and role-play the sequence of events and language used in a traditional poem and investigate and spell cvc words with the same initial sounds

Unit Five : Chicken Licken

Identify and change the sequence of events that happen in a traditional story and match a range of different words that rhyme using the same final phoneme

Unit Six : Fairy Tales

Identify and describe common characters, settings and themes used in traditional stories and suggest story changes using role-play and written composition

  • Butterflies
    Investigate, describe and compare some of the different butterflies that can be found living in the school grounds
  • Caterpillars
    Produce a model of a mini-beast to explore some of the different creatures that live in the school grounds
  • What Butterfly
    Identify and describe the similarities and differences that can be seen between different species of butterfly
  • Seaside Subtraction
    Calculate and record the difference between pairs of numbers to ten by counting back to show numbers of items sold in a shop at the seaside