Key Stage One : Curriculum Topics

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in a range of national curriculum subjects in Key Stage One


Compare and describe the location and function of farms in relation to other places and activities in the local and wider area

Houses and Homes

Identify and test construction materials used to build family home and explore how the buildings have changed over time

Ships and Boats

Explore the construction and function of different ships and boats and how they operate in seas and oceans around the world

  • Nativity Story
    Explore and record the sequence of events in the story of the birth of Jesus from the Bible using role-play and art and design activities
  • King Herod
    Investigate and describe some of the events that occurred after the birth of Jesus and the flight from Bethlehem
  • Journey of the Magi
    Discuss and record the main events that happened after the birth of Jesus as part of the nativity story
  • Shepherds and Angels
    Identify and describe suitable gifts and presents that could be given to the baby Jesus as part of the nativity story