Teaching Ideas : School Library

Get the children to practise a range of skills in using the school library to access information to support learning across the curriculum. Teach the class how to use the Dewey Decimal System to locate books on different topics.

The children can also try producing maps and sets of instructions for other classes in the school to use when they want to find books for a curriculum topic.

Library Maps
Get the class to design and make maps to help other children in the school use the library to access information on a range of curriculum topics. The children can use a colour coded system to indicate the different types of texts that can be found on the shelves in the library i.e. fiction books, non-fiction books, poetry, picture books etc. They can try producing their maps using a graphic modelling program which can then be printed and laminated before being displayed in the library and in other classrooms around the school.

Book Search
Teach the class how to use the Dewey Decimal System to find books on different non-fiction topics in the school library. Provide the children with some numbers taken from the system and get them to record matching book topics that can be found to match each decimal number. Get the class to make some posters showing the Dewey Decimal Numbers to match curriculum topics for each of the year groups in the school. The children can devise a code using colours and graphics to help other children find the books they need in the library to match a specific topic.

Topic Questions
You can help the children use the school library successfully by getting them to make a quiz for their classmates to complete. Get the class to select some non-fiction books from different topics. Tell the children to make a list of questions that can be answered using each of the books. They can place a label marker in each book to indicate that the correct book has been found and name the page that should be used to answer the topic question.

Library Games
The class can also develop their library skills by devising different games for their classmates to complete using books found in the library. For example, the children can make some treasure hunts to follow around the library with clues matching different numbers in the Dewey Decimal System. Alternatively, the class can make some board games which can be completed by answering questions about the location of books in the library when a player lands on a square on the game board.

Book Reviews
The class can also support other pupils use of the library by composing reviews for different fiction and non-fiction texts stored in the library. The children can complete a review when they have completed reading a book from the library. The reviews can then be stored in special folders in the library for other children to access or you can use the reviews to make rotating displays in the library about different book genres,

  • Christmas World
    Explore how different countries around the world celebrate Christmas by following a range of special customs and traditions that reflect religious and secular stories
  • Festival of Santa Lucia
    Plan and hold a school procession to explore how Christmas is celebrated in Sweden
  • Family Christmas
    Practise using mental calculations and informal written calculations to add and subtract pairs of two digit numbers when identifying different things that families might need to celebrate Christmas
  • Christmas Market
    Calculate numbers of items sold at a Christmas market by subtracting ones from different two digit numbers