Teaching Ideas

Classroom teaching ideas and lesson planning advice to support busy primary school teachers in Key Stages One and Two and the Foundation Stage

Outdoor Maths

Practise and refine number, geometry, measurement and statistics skills in maths when working outside of the classroom

Total Eclipse

Use a total eclipse of the Sun to develop understanding about light and shadow and the Earth's position in space

Garden Measurements

Measure, compare and convert different lengths, masses and capacities found around the school grounds

Classroom Exits

Manage and organise an orderly exit from the classroom for different times and routines as part of the school day

Class Assembly

Hold an assembly in the classroom on different themes, topics and stories to support spiritual and emotional development

Lesson Differentiation

Plan how to use lesson differentiation to support and promote educational progress for different ability levels

Easter Garden

Build a garden area in the school grounds to display some artwork of eggs, crosses and flowers to celebrate Easter

Easter Party

Develop art and design skills and techniques by producing different models and artwork to celebrate Easter with family and friends

Easter Gospels

Use art and design and literacy skills to understand and illustrate the sequence of events surrounding the Easter story


Select and plan a range of homework activities to develop and refine skills in all curriculum subject areas

Life Skills

Learn and develop essential skills that the pupils can use in all aspects of their lives now and in the future

Early Morning Work

Develop and practise a range of skills in all curriculum areas as preparation for the start of each school day