Teaching Ideas

Classroom teaching ideas and lesson planning advice to support busy primary school teachers in Key Stages One and Two and the Foundation Stage

Lesson Differentiation

Plan how to use lesson differentiation to support and promote educational progress for different ability levels


Select and plan a range of homework activities to develop and refine skills in all curriculum subject areas

Life Skills

Learn and develop essential skills that the pupils can use in all aspects of their lives now and in the future

Early Morning Work

Develop and practise a range of skills in all curriculum areas as preparation for the start of each school day

Pancake Recipes

Demonstrate grasp and understanding of different skills cross the curriculum by creating pancake recipes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday

Love Hearts

Develop literacy and fine motor skills by baking and decorating biscuits with special messages to give to someone on Valentine's Day

Reading Recovery

Support, promote and develop good reading habits and skills progression for all pupils in the class

Fresh Start

Settle the class into the new school term by reviewing past achievements and setting behaviour and academic targets

New Year Targets

Identify different ways of selecting class and individual targets for the remaining two terms of the school year

Whole Class Guided Reading

Develop and promote literacy skills when reading texts with the whole class using a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres

Classroom Music

Use different pieces and styles of music to harmonise and develop learning and organisation in the classroom

Prayers for Peace

Compose individual and group prayers to reflect on different ways of resolving conflicts relating to either personal or global issues