Teaching Ideas : Royal Banquet

The class can celebrate a special occasion in the royal family by planning meals and drinks to serve at a banquet. The children can utilise their literacy, numeracy and creative design skills in selecting and pricing foods and cocktails.

The class can compose different texts to organise and manage the ceremonies at the banquet.

Banquet Budget

The children can use their numeracy skills when selecting foods to serve at the royal banquet as a starter, main or dessert. Tell the class the budget cost for each plate of food served at the banquet. The children can then use shopping catalogues and online websites to select foods to match the banquet budget. Tell them to choose some special meals to serve at the celebration before making a shopping list. The class will need to calculate the price of one plate served at the banquet by adding the selected foods. The children might need to use division skills to divide prices of foods to find the cost for one plate. For example, they can divide the cost of a packet of chicken breasts by four to calculate their individual prices to use as part of a meal.

Invitations, Toasts and Speeches

Working in literacy, the children can compose different pieces of writing to manage and organise the banquet. The class can select formal language to use in invites for the banquet for the invited guests. The children can make comparisons between invites that they might send for a family party. The class can also compose toasts and speeches that might be given during the royal banquet to thank attendees and explain the reasons for the banquet that matches the royal occasion. The children can identify the most suitable language to use when writing the different texts for the matching celebration.

Banquet Cocktails

The class can also select some different cocktails to serve at the banquet using a range of different fizzy drinks and fruit juices. The children can show the ingredients for each selected cocktail by using fractions and percentages. For example, the orange fizzer could be composed of one quarter orange juice, one quarter lime juice and one half lemonade or the strawberry heart could be made from 20% squashed strawberries, 10% lemon juice and 70% sparkling water. The class can draw and divide shapes of cocktail glasses to indicate the fraction of each ingredient added to the cocktails.

Banquet Decorations

Working in art and design, the children can make some decorations that could be displayed at the royal banquet. The class can produce shapes of crowns which can then be slotted together to make a 3D table decoration. The children can use a range of paper materials to add shapes and patterns to the table decoration as jewels on a crown. The class can also make some banners to hang at the banquet by adding phrases about the celebration using different forms of calligraphy in paint. Using twisted paper and garden canes the children can also make some flower bouquets to decorate each table at the banquet.

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