Teaching Ideas : Halloween Party Food

Halloween provides an excellent opportunity for the children to develop and refine their design technology skills by making food snacks that could be served at a family party. The class can make lists of shapes and colours that could be used to illustrate Halloween at a party.

Help the children add special elements to different cakes and biscuits to change them into snacks suitable for a Halloween party. Get the children to mix fruit juices to make cocktails for this special night in the year.

Halloween Cookies
Get the children to design cookies and biscuits to serve at a Halloween party by changing some shop bought food snacks using coloured icing. Tell the class to design some simple shapes that could be added to the top of cookies and biscuits to illustrate themes and ideas for Halloween i.e. cobwebs, pumpkins, witch’s hats etc. Work with the children to make some coloured icing which the children can then pipe on the top of shop bought cookies and biscuits to make them suitable for the Halloween party. The food snacks will then need to be chilled in a fridge before being served at a class party or taken home for their family to enjoy.

Character Cup Cakes
The children can adapt some plain fairy cakes to make a range of cup cakes for a Halloween party. Get the class to design the faces of different characters that can be used to represent Halloween such as witches, wizards and skeletons. Encourage the children to choose simple shapes to represent each character. The class can then practise using marzipan to create the shape of different characters on top of the plain fairy cakes. The children can also add other edible shapes such as stars and moons to complete the design of each cup cake for a Halloween party.

Witch’s Cocktails
The children can also make some cocktails to serve at a family Halloween party by mixing different fruit juices. When working on this activity remind the children about the dangers of drinking from unlabelled bottles and cartons and the importance of checking with their parents before consuming anything. Tell the class to select some Halloween names for their cocktails which can then be used to label any bottles filled with each cocktail. Make sure that the children also record the names of the mixed fruit juices on the bottles to remind them about the importance of not drinking anything that is unlabelled.

Gruesome Sandwiches
The class can also make some sandwiches with fillings made to represent Halloween shapes to serve at a Halloween party. Get the children to make a list of different shapes that can illustrate Halloween themes and ideas such as witch’s brooms, cauldrons, spiders and wizard’s hats. Work with the class to then shape different food ingredients to match some of the Halloween shapes. For example, the children could cut a piece of cheese as a cobweb and shape a slice of tomato into a spider to add to the top of the cheese. Alternatively, the class can cut pieces of cucumber into worm shapes which can then be placed on a sandwich covered in tomato sauce. Remind the class to stick labels on the sandwiches stuck to cocktail sticks to remind everyone about the importance of only eating something that is correctly labelled.

Spooky Crisps
Work with the class to taste a range of different spices that could be used to represent Halloween such as cinnamon or paprika Get the children to suggest vocabulary that can be used to describe the taste of each spice. Tell the class to sprinkle some of the selected spices on plain crisps to make a food snack ready for a Halloween party. Remind the children to label their crisp snacks with a Halloween theme label and the names of the spices used.

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