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Easter Treasure Hunt

The children can create their own Easter egg hunts around the school grounds for their classmates to follow. The class can practise different ways of making eggs as the treasure for the hunt.

The children can also select and shape materials to make baskets to hold all of the eggs that they have found. Help the children cut and shape cardboard to create the baskets which can then be decorated.

The children can use a variety of different ways of making clues for members of the class to follow. Clues can be created using words to describe the location or the children can use position and direction vocabulary to indicate where the treasure of eggs can be found in the school grounds. Once all of the eggs have been found the class can draw maps of the routes they used when locating the treasure of Easter eggs.

Egg Production
The children can will first need to make some model eggs to use as the treasure for the hunt. Split the class into pairs and get them to select the design for their eggs so that they won’t be confused with eggs made by other children during the treasure hunt. You can purchase some small chocolate eggs for the children to use which can then be wrapped in paper made using different designs. Get the class to explore how to add different effects to the egg wrapping paper such as using coloured washes or printed patterns.

Egg Baskets
The class will also need to make some Easter baskets to hold the eggs. The children can practise making the nets for cuboid shapes using cardboard. Get them to cut and fold the nets together minus a top so as to leave an opening to deposit the eggs. The children can add a string or ribbon handle. The baskets can then be painted green and decorated with flowers made using tissue paper. The can fill the baskets with shredded paper to keep the eggs safe after they have been collected.

Egg Maps
Once the children have created their eggs and baskets they can produce a map of the school grounds to identify where their eggs have been hidden so that they can compose matching clues. Tell the class to make routes that cover different areas around the school grounds such as in the bushes next to the hall, under a plant pot by the classroom door or hidden in the grass close to the fence. Each egg should be numbered so that the children trying to find the eggs can make sure they have collected all of the treasure.

Word Clues
Some children in the class can create word clues describing the location of the eggs that they have hidden around the school grounds. Tell the children to create clues using three words to give to their classmates to help them locate each of the eggs such as hall, wall, bushes or daffodil, pot, door. Give the class some blank maps of the school grounds so that they can record where they have found the eggs to match each clue in the school grounds.

Position and Direction
Some children can use position and direction vocabulary to compose clues telling their classmates where to find the eggs hidden in the school grounds. Provide the class with a list of vocabulary words that they can use when creating the clues such as opposite, behind, between. The children can also practise using the words left, right, up and down to direct their classmates on the treasure hunt around the school grounds.

Compass Points
Some children can compose clues using compass points to direct their classmates on a hunt around the school grounds. Provide the class with some map compasses that they can use when trying to following the directions. Each clue should contain a direction and a number of steps to help the children find the eggs such as run thirty steps west of the school hall. Tell the children to record the route of their hunt on a map of the school grounds.

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