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Rectangle Halves

Identify and match halves of a range of shapes which can be used to build different sized rectangles

Fantastic Fish

Select vocabulary to describe shapes, colours and patterns of different fish to use in poetry


Use commas to add fronted adverbials to different sentences to describe a range of family journeys


Read and write explanations to explain how and why snow occurs around the world

Fairy Tales

Predict and role-play different narrative scenes from a range of traditional stories

Sea Mammals

Read and write non-chronological reports to describe some of the animals that live in the sea

Robot World

Read and write an explanation to describe how different robots might work in the future

Addition Dice

Practise using counting on to add the dots on pairs of dice to find matching sums to twelve

Word Spellings ai

Identify, match and record the spelling of different words with the common spelling patterns of ai


Identify and sequence the seven days of the week using the vocabulary of today and tomorrow

Word Guess Letter b

Play games to practise identifying and spelling different cvc words that begin with the letter b