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Digraphs Word Sums bl

Identify and spell different vocabulary words that begin with the consonant digraph bl

Alphabet Maze Letter a

Identify and record the formation of the letter a in the alphabet by completing a puzzle

Easter Egg Chains

Select and use materials to create models of Easter Eggs to use as part of a class decoration

Garden of Gethsemane

Compose and perform a play script to illustrate what happened to Jesus when praying in the garden of Gethsemane

Seaside Holiday

Use correct tenses when writing a story describing things that can happen during a family holiday to the seaside

Bucket List

Practise writing and punctuating sentences as lists about ideas for future accomplishments in life

Tower Doubles

Practise counting and doubling different numbers of cubes used to make towers to five, ten and fifteen

Shape Pinboards

Identify, record and describe the geometric properties of different triangles, quadrilaterals and other polygons

European Country Facts

Practise using brackets to add extra facts and information to sentences about different countries in Europe


Identify and use the correct capital letters to write names of different friends in the school

Animal Questions

Practise adding and using question marks to punctuate questions about different wild animals

Classroom Lengths

Identify and record the lengths of different objects around the classroom to match and convert measurements in centimetres into metres