This English scheme of work for Key Stage Two gets the children to investigate how authors structure and format stories with familiar settings such as in a primary school, plan and compose stories to match the specific genre of a type of writing and write poems about school life using different styles.

Unit One : Story Places

Respond to stories with familiar settings to investigate story structure and descriptive vocabulary, practise adding the prefixes dis and mis to word roots and learn how to join sentences using conjunctions

Unit Two : Story Characters

Explore how authors describe and use characters in a story with a familiar setting, add the prefixes in and im to roots, match determinants to nouns and use conjunctions to link sentence clauses

  • Circus Animals
    Write a discussion text to outline some of the arguments for and against an animal welfare issue
  • Chocolate Debate
    Hold a class debate to identify and explain the benefits and disadvantages of eating chocolate
  • Story Swaps
    Practise writing and editing an alternative version of a traditional story by swapping characters, settings and plot events
  • Story Swap Writing
    Draft and edit an alternative version of a traditional tale to match the original text genre and style