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Unit A – School Issues

This English scheme of work for Key Stage Two gets the children to explore the narrative structure and characters that feature in a story about school and friendship, investigate spelling rules for adding suffixes to word roots and write sentences using more than one clause based on How to Write Really Badly, Anne Fine.

Explore the narrative structure and characters that feature in a story about school and friendship

Lesson One : Suffix Rules

Practise adding a range of different suffixes to word roots using the matching spelling rules

Lesson Two : Sentence Combinations

Practise linking sentence clauses about school events using a range of conjunctions

Lesson Three : School Happenings

Practise adding fronted adverbials to say when, how or where things happened in sentences about schools

Lesson Four : Sentence Changes

Identify and record how to change sentences about school life using standard forms of English

Lesson Five : Golden Rules

Practise writing a set of rules for another pupil to follow based on one of the main events in a narrative story

  • Lengths, Masses and Capacities
    Solve a selection of contextual problems by comparing and converting between different units of measurement for mass, length and capacity
  • Fruit Cocktails
    Convert capacities between litres and millilitres when mixing ingredients for different drinks
  • Changing Lengths
    Measure different lengths around the school and convert between metres, centimetres and millimetres
  • Soup Shopping
    Convert measurements between grams and kilograms to calculate prices of foods needed for different recipes