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Olympic Games

Discover classroom teaching resources to develop and practise skills in all curriculum areas for Key Stage Two to explore the history and geography of some of the countries participating in a sports competition

  • Sports Day

    Sports Day

    Organise and manage a whole school sports day to develop skills in different games and athletic events

  • Ancient Greek Games

    Ancient Greek Games

    Explore the development of the Olympic Games that began during the history of Ancient Greece and make comparisons with the modern competitions

  • Modern and Ancient Games

    Modern and Ancient Games

    Select and devise logos representing the themes and ideals of the ancient games in the past

  • Battle of Marathon

    Battle of Marathon

    Investigate and present facts about the history and development of the marathon race in Ancient Greece

  • Medals and Prizes

    Medals and Prizes

    Explore and present information about how competitors were rewarded in the modern and ancient games

  • Games Diary

    Games Diary

    Write a diary entry describing the life of a competitor participating in the ancient games

  • Ancient Greek Sports

    Ancient Greek Sports

    Investigate and illustrate information about some of the different sports that were played at the Ancient Greek games

  • Journey to Olympia

    Journey to Olympia

    Rresearch and present information about the establishment and development of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

  • Subtraction Sports

    Subtraction Sports

    Solve a range of number problems about different sports by subtracting pairs of three and four digit numbers

  • Athletics


    Develop and refine different athletic skills in running, throwing and jumping to use when performing and competing in a class athletics competition

  • Class Games

    Class Games

    Compete in sprinting, throwing and jumping events to develop skills and techniques in athletics

  • Athletics Training

    Athletics Training

    Practise skills in sprinting, throwing and jumping in preparation for participating in an athletics competition

  • School Banquet

    School Banquet

    Practise writing invitations and toasts using formal language to present at a school banquet

  • Books or Laptops

    Books or Laptops

    Record viewpoints of different groups about whether pupils in a school learn best using either books or laptops

  • Story Sales

    Story Sales

    Produce radio commercials and posters using persuasive language based on traditional stories to sell food snacks

  • Food Snack Adverts

    Food Snack Adverts

    Design and make some example adverts that can be used to sell a food snack based on branding from a radio commercial