Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage Two to teach about celebrating the New Year and setting resolutions for the forthcoming months

  • Fresh Start

    Fresh Start

    Settle the class into the new school term by reviewing past achievements and setting behaviour and academic targets

  • New Year Targets

    New Year Targets

    Identify different ways of selecting class and individual targets for the remaining two terms of the school year

  • Number Mixing

    Number Mixing

    Identify and record the place value of the digits in a range of different four digit numbers by using matching calculations

  • Counting Thousands

    Counting Thousands

    Practise counting forward in steps of thousands starting from different four digit numbers

  • School Banquet

    School Banquet

    Practise writing invitations and toasts using formal language to present at a school banquet

  • Books or Laptops

    Books or Laptops

    Record viewpoints of different groups about whether pupils in a school learn best using either books or laptops