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Science Year Six Planning

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in science for Year Six in Key Stage Two covering classification, circulation, evolution, light and electricity


Devise and construct different electrical circuits that can be used to control electrical devices for a range of specific functions in a family home


Explore and model concepts about how light is produced and how it can travel through different materials

Living Things and their Habitats

Identify, group and compare different plants and animals that live in a variety of habitats around the world

  • Times Table Game Sevens
    Play a game to recall and use each of the different multiplication facts in the seven times table
  • Times Table Sums Sevens
    Complete a selection of different number calculations using the questions and products in the seven times table
  • Light Controls
    Practise selecting and entering commands to control different procedures and outcomes to match specific functions when using light
  • Light Functions
    Write and test procedures to control a set of lights to match a specific function