Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in science for Key Stage Two to teach about the physical properties of light

  • Total Eclipse

    Total Eclipse

    Use a total eclipse of the Sun to develop understanding about light and shadow and the Earth’s position in space

  • Colours


    Investigate and prove how the eye can see and interpret a range of different colours

  • Reflection


    Explain and test how light from a source can be reflected off a range of different surfaces

  • Pinhole Camera

    Pinhole Camera

    Devise and build a model of a pinhole camera to demonstrate how light travels in straight lines

  • Light Rays

    Light Rays

    Investigate and illustrate different ways of demonstrating how light travels in straight lines

  • The Eye

    The Eye

    Research answers to quiz questions to explain facts and information about how the eye works

  • Class Light Quiz

    Class Light Quiz

    Identify and record a range of different true and false statements about how light is produced and travels

  • Sun Shadows

    Sun Shadows

    Collect and record evidence to prove the movement of the Earth in space around the Sun

  • Night and Day

    Night and Day

    Investigate and prove how the Earth’s rotation can create night and day on the surface of the planet

  • Sun Facts

    Sun Facts

    Investigate and present different facts about the Sun and its position in the Solar System

  • Shadow Sizes

    Shadow Sizes

    Investigate and record a range of ways of changing the size of different shadows produced by a light blocked from a source

  • Sundial


    Design and make a model of a sundial to track and record changes to the position of the Sun in the sky

  • Circus Animals
    Write a discussion text to outline some of the arguments for and against an animal welfare issue
  • Chocolate Debate
    Hold a class debate to identify and explain the benefits and disadvantages of eating chocolate
  • Story Swaps
    Practise writing and editing an alternative version of a traditional story by swapping characters, settings and plot events
  • Story Swap Writing
    Draft and edit an alternative version of a traditional tale to match the original text genre and style