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Maths Year Five Planning Term Two

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths for Year Five in Key Stage Two to teach about multiplication and division calculations and fractions of numbers

Unit A : Multiplication Steps

Identify and use the correct calculation steps needed to solve problems when multiplying numbers using informal and formal layouts to multiply by one and two digit numbers

Unit B : Multiplication Solutions

Practise using formal written methods to multiply three and four digit numbers by two digit numbers to solve a range of real world and abstract multiplication problems

Unit C : Division Calculations

Practise using the short division method to solve problems when dividing four by one digit numbers including quotients with remainders and the use of rounding to express solutions

  • Food Fabulous Food
    Read and answer comprehension questions using a poem with patterned language
  • Wind in the Willows
    Read and answer comprehension questions using an extract from a story by a significant author
  • Ancient Egyptian Tiles
    Design and produce tiles that can represent Ancient Egyptian culture and traditions by adding shapes, patterns and attachments to clay models
  • Tile Reviews
    Review and suggest changes to clay tiles reflecting Ancient Egyptian culture and traditions