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Block Graphs

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths for Key Stage Two to teach about presenting and organising information using block graphs

  • Road Hazards

    Road Hazards

    Investigate and record some of the traffic hazards and dangers that can be seen on a road near the school

  • Garden Graphs

    Garden Graphs

    Practise collecting and presenting information about a family garden using block graphs

  • Flowers and Insects

    Flowers and Insects

    Identify and record how to organise, present and interpret data about flowers and insects shown using a block graph

  • School Banquet

    School Banquet

    Practise writing invitations and toasts using formal language to present at a school banquet

  • Books or Laptops

    Books or Laptops

    Record viewpoints of different groups about whether pupils in a school learn best using either books or laptops

  • Story Sales

    Story Sales

    Produce radio commercials and posters using persuasive language based on traditional stories to sell food snacks

  • Food Snack Adverts

    Food Snack Adverts

    Design and make some example adverts that can be used to sell a food snack based on branding from a radio commercial