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Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths for Key Stage Two to teach about solving mental and written subtraction calculations

  • Show Tickets

    Show Tickets

    Calculate change received when purchasing tickets for different shows using written subtraction methods

  • Number Differences

    Number Differences

    Use standard methods of subtraction to calculate the difference between pairs of six digit numbers

  • Number Puzzles

    Number Puzzles

    Create and solve number puzzles using addition and subtraction mental calculation techniques

  • Easter Egg Sales

    Easter Egg Sales

    Calculate and record numbers of Easter eggs left for sale in a supermarket by subtracting four digit numbers and tens

  • Changing Hundreds

    Changing Hundreds

    Explore number sums that are one hundred more and less than different three digit numbers

  • Farm Lengths

    Farm Lengths

    Solve a range of measurement length problems about farms using addition and subtraction calculations

  • Garden Receipts

    Garden Receipts

    Use addition and subtraction skills to complete receipts for lists of shop items bought for a garden

  • Party Shopping

    Party Shopping

    Select and compile lists of items for a party that can be bought to match a specific budget

  • Times Table Game Sevens
    Play a game to recall and use each of the different multiplication facts in the seven times table
  • Times Table Sums Sevens
    Complete a selection of different number calculations using the questions and products in the seven times table
  • Light Controls
    Practise selecting and entering commands to control different procedures and outcomes to match specific functions when using light
  • Light Functions
    Write and test procedures to control a set of lights to match a specific function