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2D Shapes

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths for Key Stage Two to teach about identifying and classifying 2D shapes by their matching properties

  • Egg Tangrams

    Egg Tangrams

    Investigate and record how to create different shapes by cutting and arranging each of the parts into an egg shape

  • Easter Egg Designs

    Easter Egg Designs

    Select and record a range of designs for different Easter eggs by using combinations of patterns and colours

  • Easter Egg Puzzles

    Easter Egg Puzzles

    Complete and create puzzles by cutting and arranging Easter eggs into different shapes

  • Kitchen Tiles

    Kitchen Tiles

    Identify and record patterns of 2D shapes to match different properties that can be used to decorate a kitchen

  • Shape Sandwiches

    Shape Sandwiches

    Select and describe the properties of 2D shapes that can be used to make different sandwiches

  • Shape Pinboards

    Shape Pinboards

    Identify, record and describe the geometric properties of different triangles, quadrilaterals and other polygons

  • Shape Labels

    Shape Labels

    Select and record a range of different shapes by their properties including sides, corners, lines of symmetry and parallel lines

  • Shape Sort

    Shape Sort

    Practise using Carroll Diagrams to identify and sort a range of different shapes by their individual properties

  • Shape Match

    Shape Match

    Select and record a range of different 2D shapes to match properties including perimeters, parallel lines and symmetry

  • Lengths, Masses and Capacities
    Solve a selection of contextual problems by comparing and converting between different units of measurement for mass, length and capacity
  • Fruit Cocktails
    Convert capacities between litres and millilitres when mixing ingredients for different drinks
  • Changing Lengths
    Measure different lengths around the school and convert between metres, centimetres and millimetres
  • Soup Shopping
    Convert measurements between grams and kilograms to calculate prices of foods needed for different recipes