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Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in history for Key Stage Two to teach about how the Vikings invaded and settled in other countries in the past

  • Viking Exhibition

    Viking Exhibition

    Design and label an historical artefact to use in a school exhibition about the live of the Vikings

  • Viking Beliefs

    Viking Beliefs

    Investigate some of the different gods that were worshipped by the Vikings and their beliefs about creation

  • Viking Families

    Viking Families

    Investigate and record information about the daily life of different groups of Vikings who settled in Britain

  • Viking Houses

    Viking Houses

    Build and annotate a model of a Viking home to explain daily routines of families in the past

  • Viking Villages

    Viking Villages

    Identify some of the daily routines of the Vikings by investigating artefacts that were used in the past

  • Viking Communities

    Viking Communities

    Identify and record place names in the UK that can represent Viking settlements from the past

  • Lindisfarne Raid

    Lindisfarne Raid

    Use a primary source to investigate a Viking raid that happened in Britain at Lindisfarne in the past

  • Viking Weaponry

    Viking Weaponry

    Investigate a range of different primary sources that can be used to identify how Vikings raided other countries

  • Viking Raids

    Viking Raids

    Write a recount to explain how and why the Vikings raided other lands and countries in the past

  • Invaders and Settlers

    Invaders and Settlers

    Investigate and record some of the different reasons why the Vikings invaded Britain in the past

  • Viking Homelands

    Viking Homelands

    Identify and locate some of the different countries in Europe where the Vikings lived in the past

  • Times Table Game Sevens
    Play a game to recall and use each of the different multiplication facts in the seven times table
  • Times Table Sums Sevens
    Complete a selection of different number calculations using the questions and products in the seven times table
  • Light Controls
    Practise selecting and entering commands to control different procedures and outcomes to match specific functions when using light
  • Light Functions
    Write and test procedures to control a set of lights to match a specific function