Key Stage Two : History : Schemes of Work

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in history for Key Stage Two using enquiry skills to explore significant societies and periods in the past including the Romans, Ancient and Modern Britain, Ancient Greece. the Maya and the Vikings

Roman Invasion

Investigate some of the reasons for the growth of the Roman Empire in the past and how and why the Romans invaded ancient Britain

Ancient Greece Daily Life

Investigate the growth and development of Ancient Greece by researching daily life in different city states that formed the civilization in the past

  • Christmas Carols
    Write new verses for a Christmas carol by editing traditional songs and choruses
  • Christmas Jingles
    Select and use homophones and persuasive language to devise adverts that can be used to sell different Christmas presents
  • Toy Shop
    Select special language and sentence structures to design and write a persuasive advert to sell different toys at Christmas
  • Christmas Deliveries
    Plan and write recounts to describe how different characters might deliver presents at Christmas