Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in history for Key Stage Two to teach about the growth and expansion of the Roman Empire

  • Roman Legacy

    Roman Legacy

    Investigate and record how Roman invasion and settlement changed British culture and traditions in the past

  • Changing Roman Britain

    Changing Roman Britain

    Investigate and record how aspects of life in Britain changed following Roman invasion and settlement

  • Roman Settlements

    Roman Settlements

    Use maps to explore where and why Romans chose to settle in different parts of Britain in the past

  • Hadrian’s Wall

    Hadrian’s Wall

    Explain how and why the Roman built Hadrian’s wall to overcome some of the problems that the Romans faced when invading Britain

  • Boudicca’s Revolt

    Boudicca’s Revolt

    Explore how the Celts reacted and revolted against the Roman invasion of Britain in the past

  • Roman Revolt

    Roman Revolt

    Investigate and record how Britons responded to Roman invasion and settlement in the past

  • Romans in Britain

    Romans in Britain

    Write diary entries to describe how the Romans invaded and settled in Britain in the past

  • Roman Expansion

    Roman Expansion

    Identify and discuss reasons for Roman expansion across Europe and Northern Africa in the past

  • Roman Life

    Roman Life

    Research, compare and present different aspects of Roman daily life such as education, employment and buildings

  • Roman Army

    Roman Army

    Investigate how the Roman army was structured and supported the Roman empire in the past

  • Founding of Rome

    Founding of Rome

    Discuss and write in character about a significant event in Roman history including the story of Romulus and Remus

  • Timeline Mosaics

    Timeline Mosaics

    Identify and sequence some of the main events that occurred in Roman history in the past including their chronological dates

  • Circus Animals
    Write a discussion text to outline some of the arguments for and against an animal welfare issue
  • Chocolate Debate
    Hold a class debate to identify and explain the benefits and disadvantages of eating chocolate
  • Story Swaps
    Practise writing and editing an alternative version of a traditional story by swapping characters, settings and plot events
  • Story Swap Writing
    Draft and edit an alternative version of a traditional tale to match the original text genre and style