Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in geography for Key Stage Two to teach about using maps and plans at different scales to identify locations in the world

  • Land Use

    Land Use

    Investigate and record some of the different types of land use that can be found in the local community

  • School Neighbourhood

    School Neighbourhood

    Identify and describe the position of the school in relation to other amenities found in the local area

  • Viking Communities

    Viking Communities

    Identify and record place names in the UK that can represent Viking settlements from the past

  • Europe Quiz

    Europe Quiz

    Devise a selection of true and false question about different countries found in Europe using maps

  • European Vacation

    European Vacation

    Produce a holiday brochure using maps to describe one country that can be found Europe

  • Mystery Country

    Mystery Country

    Select and write quiz questions to describe some of the physical and political features found in countries that are part of Europe

  • Mountains, Lakes and Rivers

    Mountains, Lakes and Rivers

    Use an atlas to identify the location of different physical features that can be found on the continent of Europe

  • European Capitals

    European Capitals

    Identify and locate some of the different countries and their matching capitals that are part of Europe

  • Mapping Italy

    Mapping Italy

    Identify and describe some of the different locations that can be found in Italy by using a map

  • Viking Homelands

    Viking Homelands

    Identify and locate some of the different countries in Europe where the Vikings lived in the past

  • Fault Lines

    Fault Lines

    Build a map showing some of the major earthquake fault lines that can be found around the world

  • Circus Animals
    Write a discussion text to outline some of the arguments for and against an animal welfare issue
  • Chocolate Debate
    Hold a class debate to identify and explain the benefits and disadvantages of eating chocolate
  • Story Swaps
    Practise writing and editing an alternative version of a traditional story by swapping characters, settings and plot events
  • Story Swap Writing
    Draft and edit an alternative version of a traditional tale to match the original text genre and style