Key Stage Two : English : Year Four Planning : Term Three

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year Four in Key Stage Two covering stories that raise issues, persuasive language, narrative fiction about the sea and descriptive language in poetry

Theme One : Our Community

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Our Community : Unit One : School Issues

Read and respond to a story about school and friendship, add suffixes to word roots and use conjunctions to link sentence clauses

Recommended for Year Four

Our Community : Unit Two : Friendships

Write a story based on reading describing a dilemma about school life, practise adding suffixes to word roots and write sentences using fronted adverbials

Recommended for Year Four

Our Community : Unit Three : Estate Agents

Edit adverts using persuasive language to sell houses, investigate spellings of words that are homophones and select powerful adjectives to use when writing expanded noun phrases

Recommended for Year Four

Our Community : Unit Four : Radio Commercials

Use persuasive language to write radio commercials to sell houses, explore spellings of words that are near homophones and practise writing expanded noun phrase

Recommended for Year Four

Our Community : Unit Five : Special Places

Create descriptive images for poetry to describe different places, identify the double meanings of homonyms and build expanded noun phrases using powerful adjectives and prepositions

Recommended for Year Four

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  • Lost Son
    Discuss the meaning of a parable from the Bible told by Jesus about forgiving others and reflect on how to solve dilemmas in families
  • Jungle Book
    Read and answer comprehension questions using an extract from a story by a significant author
  • Roman Invasion
    Investigate some of the reasons for the growth of the Roman Empire in the past and how and why the Romans invaded ancient Britain
  • Comparing Fractions
    Identify and record how to compare and order different unit and non-unit fractions by the values of their numerators and denominators