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English Year Five Planning Term Three

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year Five in Key Stage Two covering a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry topics and themes

Unit A : Running Wild

Investigate the main characters and settings in a story by a significant children’s author set in a rainforest, explore spellings of words with tious and cious endings and write and change sentences using relative clauses

Unit B : Story Chapter

Plan and write an extra chapter for a story by a significant children’s author, practise spelling words with tious and cious endings and extend sentences using relative clauses

Unit C : Viewpoints

Investigate opposing viewpoints as presented in the media about environmental issues, explore spellings of words with cial endings and practise punctuating sentences using commas

Unit D : Wind Turbine

Plan and write a magazine article about an environmental issue, learn rules to spell words with cial and tial endings and use commas to separate phrases and clauses in a sentence

Unit E : Seasons

Select figurative imagery to describe different seasons of the year for use in poetry, investigate spellings of words with different suffix endings and use modal verbs to compose lines of poetry

  • Fence Complaint

    Fence Complaint

    Select and use examples of formal language to respond to a complaint about a garden fence

  • Wedding Speeches

    Wedding Speeches

    Devise and record sentences using formal and informal language for use within speeches at a wedding

  • Islam


    Explore some of the different traditions, stories, beliefs and practices that Muslims follow and adopt when practising the Islamic religion

  • Islamic Books

    Islamic Books

    Identify and record how Muslims use special books in their religion to follow the Five Pillars of Islam