Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Key Stage Two to teach about composing texts using different types of vocabulary words

  • Egg Colours

    Egg Colours

    Identify and select vocabulary words that can be used to describe different Easter egg wrappings

  • Egg Colours

    Egg Colours

    Identify and select powerful vocabulary that can be used to describe different Easter egg wrappings

  • School Report

    School Report

    Select and use vocabulary to use when composing a report to describe a character from a story

  • Character Lists

    Character Lists

    Make collections of vocabulary words that can be used in sentences with conjunctions to describe characters in a story

  • Sentence Facts

    Sentence Facts

    Change sentences from a Greek myth into facts and information for a non-fiction text

  • Story Word Ladders

    Story Word Ladders

    Select and order vocabulary between strong and weak to describe a character in a story

  • Robot Movements

    Robot Movements

    Select and order vocabulary words to describe how a robot might perform different movements

  • Verb Word Ladders

    Verb Word Ladders

    Identify and compare synonyms for different verbs to describe actions from a Roman myth

  • Story Settings

    Story Settings

    Select and list vocabulary that could be used to describe familiar settings that feature in different stories

  • Big Bang

    Big Bang

    Design an advert using persuasive writing to sell different types of fireworks for a Bonfire Night party

  • Bonfire Party

    Bonfire Party

    Select vocabulary in use in poetry describing the sights and sounds that might be seen and heard on bonfire night

  • Lengths, Masses and Capacities
    Solve a selection of contextual problems by comparing and converting between different units of measurement for mass, length and capacity
  • Fruit Cocktails
    Convert capacities between litres and millilitres when mixing ingredients for different drinks
  • Changing Lengths
    Measure different lengths around the school and convert between metres, centimetres and millimetres
  • Soup Shopping
    Convert measurements between grams and kilograms to calculate prices of foods needed for different recipes