Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Key Stage Two to teach about selecting the correct determinants to match different nouns in sentences

  • Word Determinants List

    Word Determinants List

    Select and use the correct determinants before nouns in alliterative phrases about things seen and used in a school

  • Determinant Matching

    Determinant Matching

    Identify the correct determinant to use before nouns in a sentence beginning with either vowels or consonants

  • School Words

    School Words

    Identify and record whether to use the determinants a or an before nouns in sentences

  • Times Table Game Sevens
    Play a game to recall and use each of the different multiplication facts in the seven times table
  • Times Table Sums Sevens
    Complete a selection of different number calculations using the questions and products in the seven times table
  • Light Controls
    Practise selecting and entering commands to control different procedures and outcomes to match specific functions when using light
  • Light Functions
    Write and test procedures to control a set of lights to match a specific function