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Design Technology Schemes of Work

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in design technology for Key Stage Two covering construction, materials, food, textiles and movement mechanisms

Italian Pasta Salad

Design and prepare a recipe for a pasta salad for an airline meal using different foods that are grown and produced in Italy


Select and combine a range of different materials and building techniques to construct a model of a survival shelter suitable for an island location

Weather Station

Select materials and techniques to utilise when designing and making a range of instruments that can be used measure the local weather

  • Number Races

    Number Races

    Create and complete different number lines to show sets of four digit numbers with a range of division steps

  • Number Steps

    Number Steps

    Identify and record divisions on sets of different number lines to show sequences of numbers with four digits

  • Number Rules

    Number Rules

    Identify and record sets of four digit numbers that can match a range of different statements about numbers

  • Number Mixing

    Number Mixing

    Identify and record the place value of the digits in a range of different four digit numbers by using matching calculations