Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage Two to investigate and record facts about space and explore some of the significant figures involved in the exploration of the cosmos

  • Solar System

    Solar System

    Plan and write a non-chronological report to describe a celestial object that can be found in the Solar System

  • Space Helmets

    Space Helmets

    Select, shape and combine different mouldable materials to make a model of an astronaut’s helmet that could be worn when exploring space

  • Helmet Testing

    Helmet Testing

    Review and suggest improvements to the design of a work of art of an astronaut’s space helmet

  • Textures and Colours

    Textures and Colours

    Complete a model of an astronaut’s space helmet by adding different textures and colours

  • Helmet Attachments

    Helmet Attachments

    Practise adding extra attachments for a range of functions to model space helmets using different materials

  • Helmet Model

    Helmet Model

    Select and use different materials to mould a range of shapes that can be used for the design of a space helmet

  • Helmet Design

    Helmet Design

    Identify and record how to produce a model of an astronaut’s space helmet using a range of different materials

  • Sputnik and Apollo

    Sputnik and Apollo

    Investigate and record some of the the different designs and materials that can be used in astronaut space helmets

  • Mars Landing

    Mars Landing

    Write and present a speech outlining some of the reasons for space exploration to Mars in the future

  • Planets


    Identify and record how to use databases to store, organise and interrogate data and information about different planets found in the Solar System

  • Planets Questions

    Planets Questions

    Search for answers to key questions using a class prepared database about celestial objects in space

  • Editing Data

    Editing Data

    heck and correct information that has been added to a database about different planets in the Solar System

  • Fence Complaint

    Fence Complaint

    Select and use examples of formal language to respond to a complaint about a garden fence

  • Wedding Speeches

    Wedding Speeches

    Devise and record sentences using formal and informal language for use within speeches at a wedding

  • Islam


    Explore some of the different traditions, stories, beliefs and practices that Muslims follow and adopt when practising the Islamic religion

  • Islamic Books

    Islamic Books

    Identify and record how Muslims use special books in their religion to follow the Five Pillars of Islam