Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in history for Key Stage Two to teach about the the growth of the Roman Empire and how invasion and settlement changed Celtic Britain

  • Roman Army

    Roman Army

    Read and write a set of instructions about how to prepare the Roman army for battle

  • Roman Settlement

    Roman Settlement

    Explore and record what happened when the Romans settled in Ancient Britain and how it impacted the population and made changes to ways of life

  • Roman Legacy

    Roman Legacy

    Investigate and record how Roman invasion and settlement changed British culture and traditions in the past

  • Changing Roman Britain

    Changing Roman Britain

    Investigate and record how aspects of life in Britain changed following Roman invasion and settlement

  • Roman Settlements

    Roman Settlements

    Use maps to explore where and why Romans chose to settle in different parts of Britain in the past

  • Hadrian’s Wall

    Hadrian’s Wall

    Explain how and why the Roman built Hadrian’s wall to overcome some of the problems that the Romans faced when invading Britain

  • Boudicca’s Revolt

    Boudicca’s Revolt

    Explore how the Celts reacted and revolted against the Roman invasion of Britain in the past

  • Roman Revolt

    Roman Revolt

    Investigate and record how Britons responded to Roman invasion and settlement in the past

  • Roman Invasion

    Roman Invasion

    Investigate some of the reasons for the growth of the Roman Empire in the past and how and why the Romans invaded ancient Britain

  • Romans in Britain

    Romans in Britain

    Write diary entries to describe how the Romans invaded and settled in Britain in the past

  • Roman Expansion

    Roman Expansion

    Identify and discuss reasons for Roman expansion across Europe and Northern Africa in the past

  • Roman Life

    Roman Life

    Research, compare and present different aspects of Roman daily life such as education, employment and buildings

  • School Banquet

    School Banquet

    Practise writing invitations and toasts using formal language to present at a school banquet

  • Books or Laptops

    Books or Laptops

    Record viewpoints of different groups about whether pupils in a school learn best using either books or laptops

  • Story Sales

    Story Sales

    Produce radio commercials and posters using persuasive language based on traditional stories to sell food snacks

  • Food Snack Adverts

    Food Snack Adverts

    Design and make some example adverts that can be used to sell a food snack based on branding from a radio commercial