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Light Fantastic

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage Two to teach about the importance and function of light in the world

  • Light Controls

    Light Controls

    Practise selecting and entering commands to control different procedures and outcomes to match specific functions when using light

  • Light Functions

    Light Functions

    Write and test procedures to control a set of lights to match a specific function

  • Disco Lights

    Disco Lights

    Practise writing sequences of commands to control a set of lights that can be displayed during a disco party

  • Light Buoys

    Light Buoys

    Select and write a sequence of procedures to control a set of navigation lights for ships and boats to use

  • Traffic Lights

    Traffic Lights

    Practise writing and testing a procedure to run an application using lights to control traffic

  • Output Commands

    Output Commands

    Practise selecting and entering a range of commands to control different outputs using a control box

  • Inputs and Outputs

    Inputs and Outputs

    Explore and record how to use inputs and outputs to produce different effects and functions whencontrolling lights

  • J M W Turner

    J M W Turner

    Explore how to represent different light forms and timings in artwork by emulating the painting style of a significant British artist

  • Art Gallery

    Art Gallery

    Compare and review landscape paintings of the school that emulate the painting style of Turner

  • School Landscape

    School Landscape

    Produce a landscape painting of the school grounds emulating the artwork style of Turner

  • Painting Tiles

    Painting Tiles

    Select colour shades and brush strokes to use when replicating part of a painting by a significant artist

  • Seascapes


    Investigate some of the special ways of showing light and reflection when painting water in artwork

  • Number Races

    Number Races

    Create and complete different number lines to show sets of four digit numbers with a range of division steps

  • Number Steps

    Number Steps

    Identify and record divisions on sets of different number lines to show sequences of numbers with four digits

  • Number Rules

    Number Rules

    Identify and record sets of four digit numbers that can match a range of different statements about numbers

  • Number Mixing

    Number Mixing

    Identify and record the place value of the digits in a range of different four digit numbers by using matching calculations