Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in all curriculum subjects for Key Stage Two to teach about explore the physical properties found on planet Earth and identify how they cause problems for landscapes and populations

  • Global Climates

    Global Climates

    Read and write a non-chronological report to identify and describe a climate in the world

  • Creation


    Investigate and illustrate some of the stories that have been told by different groups and communities about the creation of the world

  • Creation Presentations

    Creation Presentations

    Complete and perform multimedia presentations about the creation beliefs of one religion through their stories

  • Creation Stories

    Creation Stories

    Research information to prepare a multimedia presentation about the creation beliefs of one religion in the world

  • Native Americans

    Native Americans

    Devise and produce collages to reflect themes and ideas in stories about creation told by Native American tribes

  • Hindu Creation

    Hindu Creation

    Compose a piece of music to reflect ideas about creation depicted in a religious story from Hinduism

  • Adam and Eve

    Adam and Eve

    Write and perform a play script to dramatise one part of the Christian story of creation related to the first man and woman

  • Christian Creation

    Christian Creation

    Investigate and record some of the special beliefs held by Christians about the creation of the world

  • Recycling


    Research and present some of the benefits and disadvantages that can be produced when recycling different materials at home and in school

  • Bottles and Cans

    Bottles and Cans

    Devise and hold a class competition to promote recycling of different materials in the school

  • Lunchtime Bins

    Lunchtime Bins

    Design labels for a range of different litter bins that can be used to promote recycling in the school

  • School Recycling

    School Recycling

    Suggest and record different ways of promoting the recycling of different materials in the school

  • Number Races

    Number Races

    Create and complete different number lines to show sets of four digit numbers with a range of division steps

  • Number Steps

    Number Steps

    Identify and record divisions on sets of different number lines to show sequences of numbers with four digits

  • Number Rules

    Number Rules

    Identify and record sets of four digit numbers that can match a range of different statements about numbers

  • Number Mixing

    Number Mixing

    Identify and record the place value of the digits in a range of different four digit numbers by using matching calculations